What is Phytoplasma Disease (PD), Lethal Yellowing (LY) and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD)?
Phytoplasma Disease (PD) is a fatal but preventable cell wall-less bacteria that affects 39 species of palms with the most commonly affected species being Coconut Palms, Date Palms and Adonidia Palms. Lethal Yellowing (LY) and Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD) are the common names for two genetically distinct phytoplasmas that act similarly in palms by clogging the phloem tissue in the vascular system. Recently, Sabal (Cabbage) Palms and Queen Palms have been diagnosed with a phytoplasma disease too. The genetic type is unknown at this time but it is assumedto be the same as TPPD.
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How is this disease spread and where is is located geographically?
LY is spread by the planthopper insect Myndus crudus. Myndus crudus feeds by piercing the frond (leaf) and sucking out the sap in the phloem tissue. If a tree is infected with LY, the disease is ingested by Myndus crudus. As the insect moves from tree to tree the disease is spread. This insect only lives in warm locations. The vector for TPPD is unknown at this time but it is also likely to be a planthopper.

Phytoplasma diseases in palms cannot be spread by pruning tools or other equipment!

LY and TPPD are currently killing palms in Florida, Texas, the Bahamas, numerous Caribbean countries, Central America, Africa and more... 

Texas Phoenix Palm Decline is found only in Texas and the west coast of Florida.

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What are the symptoms?
The symptoms vary greatly depending on palm species and cultivar but is most often associated with premature fruit drop, wilting of the inflorescence (seed/flower pod), excessive yellowing or browning of the canopy from the oldest to the newest fronds and finally death of the apical meristem (bud) of the palm.
It is important to note that some palms such as the Coconut and Adonidia Palm can easily be identified as having LY phytoplasma while other palm species are much more difficult to ID and a sample submitted to the University of Florida will be needed to confirm the disease.
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How do I protect my disease susceptible palms?
Is it expensive?
Do I need a special license?
Protecting your palms is easy through the preventative injection of OTC (oxytetracycline hydrochloride) Tree Injection Formula into the trunk of the palm 3-4 times annually. It is affordable for homeowners and profitable for Commercial Arborists and Nurseries. The Tree Saver Injection Formula and patented Tree Saver Injection System has proven to be an extremely effective measure in preventing LY and TPPD and is occasionally successful in achieving remission of a palm already infected. This program was originally developed through research performed by the University of Florida.
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Saving palms is inexpensive. Once some of the basic supplies are acquired, it cost roughly $7.00 per tree per year to protect it from phyotoplasma disease.

A special license is not needed to use our products! Tree Saver®operates under a Federal EPA License and a State of Florida Special Local Needs License. All commercial and residential users fall under this license and do not need any additional licensing to inject palm trees when using the Tree Saver Injection Formula and System.
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